Board of Directors

https://ci6.googleusercontent.com/proxy/uvB1hMXKqBSsPlTgVqeUmFKHUaLCMv1Erp2gMdXbENpiqzM0x8HUJlWQafN6YQcp2CXv_ORl7ZKzkk4YlYTexBaSbtVWHqrbZwMhwcKxwMF4ZjVk-OM4mqusQwkEzwsdy0We8tgxqlFhJ1-eW0Ocog=s0-d-e1-ft#https://mlsvc01-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/cda671da001/c8a72955-53a1-4f19-820d-67ead62859f2.jpgTed Shue (Years of Service: 11)
Certified USAT Coach and a member of the TriWisconsin Board since 2006. Served as TriWi President for 4 years (2006-2008, 2016) and have led the Wednesday evening Track workouts since 2006. I also lead our Wednesday night Pettit runs and occasionally lead the Sunday spin workout. I've completed all 14 Ironman Wisconsin events and am obviously addicted to racing in all forms - swim, bike, run. If you've been active in TriWisconsin or the racing community in Wisconsin at all, you know Ted.  

\\hssfs1\redirect$\jfangmann\Downloads\jeff M bio pic.jpgJeff Mahuta (Years of Service: 2)
I’ve been a member since 2011, and I really enjoyed being on the board this last 2 years as treasurer. This past year, I have been more involved with the group bike workouts along with the winter swims. The next year I would like to grow our relationship with Ironman to bring our members a better experience at their events and use that knowledge to help our members at all triathlons. I’m still not very good with names, but I’m getting much better.

Julie Fangmann (Years of Service: 1)
I have been participating in triathlons for nine years, from sprints to Ironman. The TRIWI family has been so welcoming and supportive that training with them is fun, even when it is hard work! They have pushed me to new levels in my athletic endeavors, and I have made many great friends along the way. Last year, I served as board secretary and was able to give back to TriWI in a variety of ways. In 2017, I plan to work on a collegiate outreach program, as well as a parent/child program!


Elias Macias (Years of Service: 1)
My time with TriWisconsin has been great. I joined at the end of 2012. During these years I have met a lot of people and built some amazing friendships. With the help of several great athletes I have become competitive at some distances. Although at first an Ironman was never in my plans, I rapidly got addicted with training, racing, and the healthy lifestyle. Now after 2 Ironman's and a lot of group rides and runs along with other TriWi's members I would like to give something in return and help as much as I can. Our team keeps growing and it will keep getting better every year. In 2016, I served as a board member and helped lead Thursday night group rides from Wheel & Sprocket!

Christina Beaupre

I've been a member of TriWisconsin since 2013.  My decision to join the organization was based on my desire to get into triathlons and the wealth of training opportunities and resources available made the group sound like a great place to start.  Since then I've raced in everything from sprints to full Ironman competitions and feel as though TriWi has become a second family.  I really believe in the purpose of TriWisconsin, and my interest in running for the board is based on my desire to give back to the organization that has given me so much.

Andy Hubbartt
A veteran triathlete since 2002, Andy has raced all distances, from sprint to Ironman. You may recognize him from Wednesday night running (summers in Hart Park and winters at the Pettit) or Tuesday night swimming at Nicolet. While he certainly isn't the fastest, his years of experience and craftiness have earned him the nickname "Ninja".  He is looking forward to donating his time to serve the board and members of TriWisconsin in 2017.


Angie Kaiser
I am a lifelong runner since 1998, and have been participating in the multisport of duathlons since 2012. After many years I finally pulled the plug and signed up for my first triathlon, St George Utah’s half ironman with Tri WI. I also have plans for Elkhart lakes sprint, and Steelhead’s Half Ironman. I hope that I can bring a new prospective to the board being a newbie to the Tri world but someone who has been around the sport of racing for a long time. I love being involved in the racing community and I look forward to what I can learn as I join the Tri world and mesh it with the knowledge I have of competing.


John Maniaci
I have been a member of TriWi since 2000. I have enjoyed the work of the officers and board all these years. I am now semi-retired and want to give back to this great organization. As a business owner, I wore many hats and would like to apply that experience to TriWi.

Noah Rosenthal
Coming from a running background, I joined TriWI in 2014 after completing my first ever triathlon (the 2013 Pewaukee Sprint), I signed up for Ironman Wisconsin and decided I should probably find some people to help me figure out what in the world I was doing.  I became a regular at winter swims, Lannon rides, track workouts, asked as many questions as I could, and completed IMWI in 2014.  Three years after joining TriWI, completing 2 Ironmans, 5 Half Ironmans, and countless hours training with new lifelong friends I want to join the 2017 board to help TriWI continue with all the great events and learnings it has contributed to the triathlon community.  See you in the middle of the pack!


Ryan Rypel
I have been a multisport athlete for the majority of my life, starting triathlon at the age of 13. Over the years I have completed many triathlons ranging from super sprints to full ironman distance. As a few of you know I started and ran the Eau Claire Triathlon Club when I was in undergrad. This gives me a unique experience working with USAT and many other triathlon clubs for races and events. Last year I found TriWi by accident and have thoroughly enjoy all my experiences with the club and look forward to working with people to continue to make it a great experience. 

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